Some Sewing

I have been meaning to post this for a couple days now but the urge to do something else overpowered me. Last week i was able to get some sewing done.

First up an apron.  Now the apron is basically pre-printed onto the fabric and you just cut it out, follow the directions and sew it up. Omi always buys these every year when she is here. They have a couple different motifs. Her favorite are the ones with Gingerbread Men but she bought one like this as well.  So i decided i would try one for myself.  Very easy and completed in an afternoon.

Every year i like to make Little Man something for the holidays and i decided for Halloween it would be a new bag for trick-or-treating. The first year it was too little, they did lots of chips that year and last year i was sick so often that we just bought one. So this year i wanted to try again. And it came out great one of my best tote bags yet. I use this pattern.

And it’s reversible-with two dark fabrics. i was hoping for something a bit brighter but this is what Little Man picked. I am just happy i sewed it up so well…at least the parts you can see 😉

I have a blanket planned for Little Man and i plan to sew it up as soon as i finish mine. He even picked out all his fabric already and i cut out the squares last week. When we bought his fabric there was one that he liked but it was’t suited to the squares that i would be cutting so i told him i would make him a pillowcase to match the blanket.  So to tide him over until i do make the blanket i made him his pillowcase.

Today there was stuff going on all over for Halloween. Our local supermarket was giving away treats and samples.  The city was doing a little Halloween party for kids under eight and they got candy and got to play games and then at the bookstore there was a Halloween Spooktacular, more treats and games.  Little Man got to wear his Batman costume to everything and he had a great time. At the bookstore he got his face painted

and he did not want to take it off at all at bedtime-I can understand why-Doesn’t he look adorable 🙂 Oh i mean fierce of course-I can’t call Batman adorable. lol!!

Hope you are all having as good of a weekend.


4 thoughts on “Some Sewing

  1. Very clever idea with the apron, I must start to use mine (I have two) because I keep forgetting about them and I end up with flour on my clothes, ect, most of the time. ^^
    I love the fabric with the bats pattern!

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