Not Quite Pig Mittens

Little Man has a scarf and a hat so of course his Mommy needed to make him some mittens.  I wanted to follow the the animal theme and so i picked Spillyjane’s Piggy Mittens (rav link) and i was even considering making them into Rhino’s instead of pigs since Rhino’s kinda have a flat front part on their face. Well…that plan didn’t quite work out.

Pattern: SpillyJane’s Piggy Mittens (rav link again)

Made For: Little Man

Dates: i forgot to keep track but they took me about a week

Yarn: Same blue Cascade 220 i used for the Alligator Scarf, I had a whole skein left and i still have about half left and Little Man wants slippers for his Rhino.

Needles: Size 5 Dps

Notes: Well the big one here is, i could not get my nose to look pig like at. No matter how much moving and pushing is did. It either pushed in like a belly button or laid flat like a normal mitten. The piggy-ness did not stay.  And i must have done something wrong becuase there are plenty of other people on Ravelry that successfully made their mitten look piggy. So in my frustration i left them plain. Little Man still liked them and had worn them a few times already.

The other small change was i made the cuffs 2×2 ribbing for 18 rows. I wanted him to have long cuffs that tucked under his coat sleeve so that way he stayed nice and cozy. I know i have when i move my arm and some wrist peeks out and gets cold. 🙂

I am not 100% happy with the gloves but i mean they look like mittens and work like mittens so the end result is what i wanted in that respect.  I am not sure what i would do next time to fix my nose issue though. Any ideas?

Karen asked about when my Omi will be back. Well, she said she wants to come in the Spring next time so that most likely means about a year and a half.  Hubby and I had talked about maybe going the coming April but it’s really looking like that won’t be happening.  We will probably have to fix our roof next year with whatever tax money we get back which leaves not much for traveling across the Atlantic and other things as well that might make the trip not possible.  So it could be over a year before i see Omi again.  And it gets harder saying Good-bye to her not easier. Not that it should get easier but next year she will be 80 and while i always try to think positively i also have to think realistically and traveling is not going to get easier for her. i wish my family all lived closer, while getting to travel is really great sometimes it would be nice to be able to just drive a couple hours to see those you love.  Anyway now that i turned a simple answer into a long drawn out answer, i bid you all Good Night or Good Morning 🙂


3 thoughts on “Not Quite Pig Mittens

  1. Well, your piggy noses do not look very piggy-like, that’s true… But I’ve never seen a mitten finished like that before so you made a pair of unconventional mittens, girl! *^v^*
    It is a problem with a family scattered around the globe, you don’t get to see them as often as you would like to. Lucky us we live in the era of telephones and Internet, imagine not so long ago (100 years?), when the letters traveled for weeks between continents.

  2. Maybe your grandmother will be able to visit sooner if you can’t get over to visit her.
    The mittens are going to keep his hands warm so that is the most important thing. I find it very frustrating when it seems like everyone else can make something but I can’t.

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