Oh Ravelry has made me lazy-all of you must cancel you accounts right away 🙂 Okay just joking i would never ask you to give that up.  Or maybe i just need to admit i am lazy and it’s no ones fault but mine.

But as most of you probably already know-i have another FO.


Okay so last time we left off i said i was making the Koolhaas hat–Umm yeah i totally did not feel like doing something so involved so then i remembered this hat and realized this would be much more fun. Little Man had no idea what type of hat i planned on making him but requested that it have ears, he thought his friends at school would like that.

Pattern: BrainMonster from Cyn

Made for: Little Man

Dates:Sept. 22-24, 2008

Needles: Size 7 Circular and Dps

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Oceanos oh and the teeth are Bernat Satin that i had in my stash

Notes: This hat fits him perfectly i was actually worrying it might be too small but i got lucky. My Sister-in-law has requested one so i will have to do make some changes. i will say that we tend to have ummm larger heads, i have noticed “average size woman hats” are too small for me and Little Man has also inherited the big head 🙂

i added ears per request. Just picked a number to cast on and made it up as i went.  Also instead of the plastic moving eyes i saved some cash by just making them with felt that i had on hand. Other than that i followed the pattern.

Little Man loved it and even though it was over 70 degrees the following days after i gave it to him he still wore it so he could show it off to everyone and everyone loved it.


Nothing else is really new around here. Last week Little Man got his second cold of the season. Friday i got my first.  He is still coughing and i am still snotty but feeling better.  i really did nothing over the weekend so that meant today i had to kick it in high gear and clean and mop the kitchen.  Sweep and vacuum the living room. Clean the craft/spare bedroom and vacuum Little Man’s room after he cleaned it.  Trust me this isn’t something i do just for fun or because i was feeling guilty over a lazy weekend. So Why???? Because tomorrow OMI IS FLYING IN FROM GERMANY!!!!! We are all excited.  Tomorrow morning i still need to clean the bathroom (hey we all have our limits of house work in a day)  and then put fresh sheets on her bed. Other than that i think everything is done.   Yay!!    Whew now i just want to Zzzzzzzzz.

5 thoughts on “Brainmonster

  1. Goodness you have one VERY happy boy that LOVES when his mama knits for him!! :oD

    That is such a pretty mal color!! And I don’t even like blue! Haha!

  2. That is the coolest hat!! Little man look so cute in it.
    I hope both you and Little man recover from your colds quickly. N picked one up at school and is just now getting over it.
    Have a wonderful visit with your grandmother.

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