Cute and Cozy

Who knew and Alligator could so cute and cozy.

Pattern: Baby Alligator Scarf, a Morehouse Merino Original

Made for: Little Man

Dates: Aug. 29, 2008-Sept. 17, 2008

Yarn: Cascade 220 Color # 9485

Needles: Size 5 (3.75mm)

Notes: This scarf turned out fantastic. I love it!!! But there was one glitch and as i look back i think it may be my fault. But for the body you do 12 repeats and that comes to about 180 rows. Well i had to do 300 rows of the main body. When i got to the end of thr repeats i could tell there was no way that would be long enough it was like right in the middle.  Why my fault?  Well when i checked guage i was at my mom’s house without a measuring device so i knit a small swatch and asked my mom if she thought that looked like it was 2 inches (guage was 5 sts to the inch) and she said yeah that looks right.  So that’s what i went by.  The pattern states the length to be about 36 inches long mine was 46 inches long. I think that is the perfect length for my little guy. I think 36 inches would have been to short i want to be able to wrap the scarf around him and make him extra warm. And for me it hangs in just the right spot.

Other than that it is a great pattern, well written and actually went quite quick when i actually did work on it. When i realized how much more i had to knit i dedicated one full evening to it and was able to finish it that night.

Other than that i have been sewing, sewing and more sewing so Knitting has been a bit slow. But since i am getting my little man ready for the cooler weather i did start his winter hat today, Koolhaas by Jared Flood. Also in some blue yarn but not the matching Cascade. Over here we think matching is silly 🙂 We are using Malabrigo Oceanos, It is Dk. and Lt. Blue. I am really enjoying this knitting to keep my boy warm 🙂

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