Today is mainly a day of relaxation. Just enjoying being at home. Hubby is in the Living Room reading, Little Man is playing with some rocks and i have been doing some sewing, laundry and Internet browsing.  We are also all relaxing because the weather is very dreary and rainy, the perfect home day 🙂 And Little Man has caught his first cold of the season and we haven’t even started school yet. Not a good sign, i really want to make an effort to try and stay as healthy as possible this Fall & Winter.

Our Week was nice and busy and went by very quickly.  On Wednesday i started cutting some fabric:

It has been assembled but i can’t show you everything at once that’s no fun 😉

Thursday hubby went to pick up his tux for the wedding on Friday and brought me home a surprise on the way back.  He is very wonderful and talk about earning some brownie points for himself 🙂

I LOVE IT!!!!!  I have always wanted a ball-winder and swift but just didn’t think it was worth getting. I was so wrong!!!  It is so much fun winding yarn and Little Man can even do it so if for some reason i didn’t want to do it. I could set it up and put him to work 🙂 Hee Hee

Here are my first “Yarn Cakes”


And on Friday Little Man woke up sick so we just relaxed and hung out and got ready for the wedding.

It turned out really nice, Here is the Happy Couple sharing their first kiss as Husband and Wife!!

Congrats Dan & Jess!!!!

Almost no knitting has been done the past few days but i hope to do some tonight.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.


4 thoughts on “Relaxation

  1. Your husband knows how to do a great surprise!! You will wonder how you ever got by without a ball- winder and swift. I don’t have a swift but I hope to get one someday.
    I hope Little Man feels better quickly. Everyone here has a runny nose but we’re guessing it’s allergies since the pollen count has been quite high.

  2. You have some gorgeous fabrics there, I love the top one! ^^
    I wanted a ball winder and w swift for a long time but I wouldn’t know where to keep it, too much stuff in here. The yarn cakes look yummy! *^v^*

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