Fairy Cakes


Fairy Cakes, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Okay we didn’t quite achieve the brightness that we were hoping for but they are delicious. Little Man and I had a great time making and decorating them.
i really like the Mint Green ones. the color came out very nice. The Military colored ones came of Little Man wanting Blue, me wanting Purple and then we just dumped colors in and ended up with this. We didn’t have Jelly Beans because i am not a huge fan of them so we topped ours with M&M’s from the candy store. The tartness of the frosting offset by the not so sweet cake and the hint of chocolate in your mouth all come together quite nicely and i do see more of these in our future.

Today we had our Home Visit from Little Man’s school. His teachers seem wonderful and i have a feeling we will have a very good year. he starts next Monday. Eeeee can you believe it?? Back in May when we registered they said end of September so i was thinking we had a couple more weeks. So today we took my car to the shop to fix a rattle in the exhaust, i need to get that done because once he is in school i need the car there won’t be a god time to take it into the shop. I should get that back tomorrow and Wednesday we will get Little Man’s hair cut. Thursday they are having an Ice Cream Social at his school and you hand in some paperwork, see the classroom and meet fellow students. That is going on in the middle of a friends dinner so we have to sneak out for a hour for the Social and then go back. Friday is hubby’s best friends wedding so he will be busy with that and Little Man is spending the night at Grandma’s house. With all that going on the week will go by so fast. i just can’t believe it. i am actually looking forward to just being stuck at home tomorrow with the Little Man 🙂 A peaceful day before all the craziness and school starts.

I am looking forward to some knitting tonight and not thinking about anything except what my chart tells me to do 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fairy Cakes

  1. The fairy cakes look delicious. I think I would like M&Ms on them best too.
    Wow what a busy week. The time will pass quickly. I’m sure Little Man will love school.

  2. Hope you had a great week!
    Mine was crazy as I was closing out my old job to start a new one!! Yay!!
    So I am just now trying to catch up with everyone!

    Have a wonderul weekend My!

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