WIProgress Report

Hey All! i have done some very laid back knitting since the completion of my mittens 🙂 But i have so much going on i figured maybe it was time to catch everyone up on where i am on all my projects.

First Up: My Goddess Mystery Shawl.  I just completed my third clue and did 2 rows of the super long clue 4, it can only be shown in blob form but its growing.

Next, my crocheted curtain, This pattern is from the Simply Knitting  magazine from the UK. I believe it is in the June issue.  This is a bad picture but i have it hanging in the window to give you an idea how it looks so far.  I still have to make all the hanging tendrils but i need to do some measuring and math first to see how long. Originally this was designed to go in the door but i like how the light shines through the pattern in the window so i decided on that instead.

Then we have a new project i started (insert sheepish grin)  The Alligator scarf from Morehouse Farms. I am loving this so far. It is so cute!!  i have 3 more back ridges than pictured.

I also pulled my Barn-Raising squares back out-i have 5 green ones and started a 6th square with leftover Fruit Salad yarn, just to change it up for a bit, i was getting tired of the green. But no picture for those.

Last but not least an FO:

I believe i mentioned that Little Man’s Rhino requested a sweater so right after the mittens i got to work on that.

It turned out better than i thought it would. Rhino and Little Man were both happy with it as well.

I used some scraps of Caron Simply Soft in Gray-Rhino’s favorite color.  Made a Swatch and went from there.  I worked the front and back seperatly, did a 3-needle bind off on the shoulders and then sewed the sides seams.  The sleeves were then worked in the round. I picked up the sts around the armhole and knit until desired length.

Rhino even has some matching mittens but i haven’t been able to get a picture of those yet. Next up he wants socks in Christmas colors and a hat, not sure what color that will be yet.

Whew, there is a little catch up on all that’s on the needles-Here is hoping some of those get off the needles soon-Like the Goddess shawl 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


3 thoughts on “WIProgress Report

  1. Great projects you finished and working on!

    I know what you mean about the knitting steam slowing down since Ravelympics! ;op

    Hope you are having a laborless day over there!!

  2. You have been so busy!! The sweater for the rhino is so cute! I love animals in clothes.
    The curtain is just lovely. It is so nice having the light shine though.
    How do you like the alligator pattern? The Morehouse patterns are so fun to knit. I’ve been tempted by this one.

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