I Made it!!!!!

I finished my mittens yesterday evening!! yay!!!! I was so excited that i made it especially after my doubts and problems but all your comments on my last post helped, so Thanx A Lot Friends!!!

Without any further ado-Presenting Purple Autumn!!!!

Pattern: Green Autumn (Druid Mittens) by Jared Flood, Vogue Knitting Fall 2008

Made for: Me

Needles: Size 2(2.75 mm) double points

Yarn: Lisa Souza Sock! in Mulberry, love the color and how it turned out in the mittens but a few times like during the cursed bobbles i had some issues with the strands separating.

Notes: Where do it start.  I had no problems starting, zoomed through the cuff during the opening ceremonies and started the cabling. Shortly after i noticed the pain in my hand. i was clenching to hard. And i had this problem with another cable project i did, don’t ask me why I’m crazy and feel the need to hold onto the needles for dear life.

I had no trouble reading the chart or following the directions. They were very well written, especially since i tackled these as my first pair of mittens ever and threw in cables and bobbles on top of that.  First time doing bobbles as well-Also a pain in the beginning but i found that if you make the stitches that you are passing over to make the bobble loose it makes your bobble making so much easier.  I am naturally a pretty tight knitter and this project helped me learn about loosening up a bit.

Mods: I had to put in an extra repeat of the “circle” in the pattern to make my mittens longer.  This next one really isn’t a mod as a little note-When you are done working the saddle at the tip of the mitten Jared has you do a three needle bind-off but he doesn’t say whether you do it right on the outside or turn your mitten inside out to do it. So on my first mitten i turned my mitten inside out and did the three needle bind-off. Then on the second mitten i did it on the outside which is what i think he intended. I prefer how it looks when i did it on the inside of the mitten but of course this is purely my opinion, someone else may do this and think it leaves an ugly little break in the garter stitch but i prefer it to the exagerated bump that binding off on the outside made. Who knows maybe i am just an ugly binder-offer LOL.

Big Note-I  made my mittens longer and all i did when i got to the end of the chart right before you start decreasing i scooted my magnet down a “circle” and kept working without thinking anything of it. Well later my mom pointed out a spot that i has two left cables right on top of each other.  Well it turns out just because the middle cable pattern is where you should be, the braided cables on either side might not match up with what you should be doing next so check your chart and where you are in your mitten carefully. But my mittens match since i made the same mistake on both mittens. Second Mitten has 3 more mistakes on top of that-a sign maybe that i was rushing and only worried about finishing it 🙂 🙂

But even with all the mistakes and slow downs and moment of self doubt, i am so happy these are done and that i stuck to it. I really think the hardest thing for me was working on just the one project the whole time. I did work on my crochet curtain for brief periods but really all i wanted to do was set it aside and start something new. 

I learned so much during this pattern-sticking to one pattern to the end, bobbles, making mittens, more elaborate cables, making the saddle closing, reading cables on a chart and Loosening up!!

Yay!! Three Cheers for all the Ravelympians!!!


6 thoughts on “I Made it!!!!!

  1. They are beautiful, great job!!! *^v^*
    I also prefer the 3-needle bind off on the inside of the mitten or a sock. And I know what you mean by the hardest thing being working on just one project the whole time – I easily get bored and distracted by other projects and even other crafts that it’s impossible for me to work on one project at a time. ^^

  2. Cheers!!! They came out great!

    Thanks for the notes! I think your mods/”designer” elements made them especially yours!

    Too cute wearing shorts while modeling the mitts! ;op

    You did a great job My!

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