I am still on the first mitten.  Dudes, these are intense.  Very Intense.  For whatever reason i seem to clench or tighten my hands when cabling and after about 10 rows my hands are aching quite terribly. I feel like i am getting nowhere. But i am close to the end. I am repeating one of the cable circles because it seems i have long hands and the mittens as written would be too short.  Of course that is not a big deal but it means the mittens will take be another tad longer than i hoped.  They are already taking forever.  I do so hope i can finish these for the Ravelympics. I had such high hopes but my confidence is starting to dwindle.

I don’t know how some knitters out there managed to to crank these out like nothing but i have much respect!!

I haven’t been keeping much track of everybodies work but i am sure you are all doing great!!

Short enough break for me must get back to my mitten!!


4 thoughts on “Still,

  1. Just flex those fingers and keep warming them up!! :o)
    You can so get these mitts done in time!
    One down this week one down next week! DONE!!
    Can’t wait to see your pair at the finish line!
    GO! GO! GO! GO!

  2. OMG are these his Druids? I can’t wait to see them finished! I’ve been drooling over them and then was completely intimidated by the pattern in Vogue. It looked like a wall of hieroglyphics to me! Good luck and finish quickly so we can all drool over them! 😉

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