Purple Autumn progress


Purple Autumn progress, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

I made it through the cuff and started the hand yesterday. The cuff went pretty quickly and i thought it would but the cabling and careful chart reading has slowed me down a bit. It also makes my hands ache a bit so i stop for mini breaks. But so far i am very happy with how its turning out and super excited that i decided to make these 🙂
I have been checking up on my fellow Ravelympians and some of them are really diving in there and just whipping stuff up. Wow!

I am hoping to take some time to work on my Goddess Shawl tonight. poor thing is just dragging along and the clue after this is huge!!

No big plans today. Hubby had to work and he went to play golf after work so he wont be home until the evening so me and Little Man have just been hangin out. I should be doing dished but I DON”T WANNA!! lol i know i will suck it up and do them while i am cooking. Lately i have been thinking how nice it would be to have a maid. But i am my own maid so that means i can make my own hours!

Enjoy your weekend!


4 thoughts on “Purple Autumn progress

  1. Very nice project and you got me all excited about them! I will be makin’ mine this winter as a KAL with my knitting group!

    Isn’t it great to make up your own hours?? :o)

    Have a wonderful Sunday My!!

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