Swatching for Ravelympics 2008


Swatching for Ravelympics 2008, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Thanks for the nice comments on my Gratitude Wraps. I already filled the one with address book and stamps and i am hoping to make a notebook for my other one and put my little box of pencils in that for doodling.

So i have been sucked into the Ravelympics-i signed up for the project, event and team yesterday-Nothing like close to last minute. I had no plans at all to do this. I have enough knitting projects floating around but i thought hey it will be a fun challenge and i missed out on the Winter Knit Olympics that Yarn Harlot started.

So while you would think i would choose the WIP event-i did not i chose to cast on for something new that will probably be the end of me. I am doing Mitten Medley event for Team Tardis! yay! I chose the Green Autumn mittens by Jared Flood (rav link) that are on the cover of the Fall Vogue Knitting . I have never made mittens, I have only done one cable project and that was a baby hat, i have never done bobbles, or a saddle seam and these are all things that this project will expect of me. I hope i won’t disappoint the team or myself! So while i cheer for you guys i will need some cheering as well!!

Since my yarn is Purple i am naming mine Purple Autumn mittens(yeah i know not very original lol but sounds pretty)  and for the next 17 days they will probably be all i work on and i will keep you updated on my progress. Should i be lucky enough to finish with some time to spare i want to also make some mittens for Little Man but please let’s not hold our breath 🙂

So Good Luck to all the Ravelympians out there!!


3 thoughts on “Swatching for Ravelympics 2008

  1. Go, Myriam, go, Myriam!… *^v^*
    Of course you can do it! What a great way to learn many new techniques. ^^
    I’m starting to finish my neglected projects tomorrow, as part of my UFOlympics challenge, go, me! *^v^*

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