Not sure where i have been…

Cause i have been home and on my computer that i got back last week and repaired. Its like a whole new computer-New system board, keyboard, heat fan, battery, and some audio thing i couldn’t read the writing on the paper i got back with my computer. 

I haven’t gotten much knitting done mainly because i have been online and also because i have been a bit lazy. i think it has been the muggy-ness and Honestly i have so many projects going on and none of them really appeal to me at all. I mean i like them but none are like a project you just want to finish so you can use it.

I did manage to get some sewing done over the weekend.  A week or so ago Soule Mama released a pattern for her Gratitude Wrap.  I am very thankful she shared the pattern with her readers.

I made 3. 

A Practice one:

The one after the practice one:

And then of course Little Man wanted one-he actually thought the first one was for him but i let him pick out his own fabric from my stash and made him one.

Funny of all of them the practice one turned out the best and is my favorite.  They haven’t been filled with anything yet but i want to try and make my own notebook for one to stick in my purse and the other one i will use as she has used it in her pattern for thank you cards or letters and stamps and an address book so everything is in one spot.

I think they are just super cute and handy. I am very happy with them 🙂 and may make more as gifts.

I will be back to posting more often and hope to get back to some knitting tonight.


3 thoughts on “Not sure where i have been…

  1. Well at least you have been crafty!

    I tell ya the computer will suck up all of our good knitting time! UGH!

    Glad all is well!

  2. Of course you can see immediately that Little Man chose the fabric for one of the wraps – all those dinosaurs couldn’t give a better hint! *^v^*
    What a great idea! I like the Autumn leaves version best. ^^

  3. The wraps you made are excellent. I love that Little Man wants everything you make:)
    Glad to see you back but I totally understand about not being around.

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