Another FO

IMG_1726, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

This whole not having a computer thing is really helping in the FO department 🙂

Today we just have some good ‘ol stockinette socks. And while many of you can crank these out in days-i still need over month but mainly because i have so many other projects going on and i start to feel guilty if i neglect them.

Pattern: Stockinette Socks-no pattern
For: Me
Dates: June 21-July 26, 2008
Needles: Size 2 Dp’s
Yarn: Scout’s Swag in Fruit Salad-i bought this a long time ago right before she closed her etsy shop for a bigger and better shop-not sure if she still has this color-way.
Notes: I got nothing-easy, straight forward and no problems.

Next for socks-Some for Little Man, they don’t count toward summer of socks but i am still knitting socks so that works for me 🙂 but i have a few other things i want to finish before starting them-i want to be able to concentrate because i will be attempting to do 2 at once on one Circular needle.

Hope you all are having a good weekend 🙂


3 thoughts on “Another FO

  1. Gurl if I did stay off this computer I would have lots more F.O.s done too!! :o)

    I love the “salad bowl” colorway! So summery!!

    Keep knitting those summer socks!

  2. Your shawl and socks are lovely.
    It’s amazing how much one can get done when one has no distractions. I spend so much time with distractions. It’s a wonder I get anything else done.

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