My Computer is back home but we will see for how long.  My screen was fixed and i haven’t had any more problems with my wireless but i don’t think they fixed my AC Adaptor problems. Sometimes my computer switches back and forth between battery power and outlet power all by itself or won’t charge the battery. So i will have to call again next week it the problems continue.

And we finally got Hubby’s car back after almost 4 weeks.  It was in the shop and it ended up being one thing after the other and quite a dent in the pocketbook.  But i was starting to go kinda crazy not having my car all day since hubby had to use it for work.  Don’t get me wrong if something is close i will walk, car or not and i am lucky to have the necessities close by but the book store and craft store are not within walking distance so i was having withdrawals.  it’s just nice having my car back.

So we have done a lot of walking the past couple weeks, a lot of catching up on the knitting which i am really happy about.  it was actually kinda nice not having the computer because it kept me from being on it so much since i was sharing with hubby. 

Here are a few things that have happened:

We got our first Hot Cherry Pepper

Our first Cherry Tomatoes and Yellow Pear Tomato

Hydrangeas are getting bigger every year

I made another bracelet-I love this one.

We made a Fairy Castle

Little Batman washed his wagon

And i did make my Raspberry Jam with much success and so much less mess and trouble than the first time.  I had all the right size pots and everything ready.  It came out super tasty, i like it better than my strawberry.

I finished Little Man’s Cardigan last week and got some buttons for it today so an FO post soon.  I have kicked some booty on my Kiri so hopefully i will have that done soon as well.

Hope your all having a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “Back-Slowly

  1. Sorry to hear about the computer and car problems at the same time, but you know what they say – when the problems accumulate now, you will be trouble-free later, when all of it is gone! *^v^*
    Your bracelet is beautiful! So complicated, great job!
    Can I move into the Fairy Castle? Sometimes I wish I was a fairy and led a carefree life in the woods…

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