Not Much

Things are pretty quiet around here. I have been working on all the projects i have going, a little bit every day.

I started some friendship bracelets again. Someone commented on one of my bracelets i had made and i looked at her flickr pics and well and she had one really awesome bracelet on there. So the search began and was successful. I found this really cool website with some awesome bracelets. I made two practice ones just to get an idea for her charts and directions. The one was pretty easy and i had made the style before so i made it small and gave it to little man. The second one was a tad trickier, you really had to pay attention to your knots. here is the best picture i could get of it.

It’s a pretty neat design the only thing i don’t like is that over the couple days it rolled in like a piece of stockinette knitting and now all you can see is the backside of the bracelet but the twisted like tube it has become has kind of grown on me and so for now i will wear it. I am working on a much more complicated bracelet and when that’s finished i will probably take the this one off.

I have worked on my shawls a little bit. Socks not so much. I spent an evening clearing and backing up my laptop. It has fallen ill and i needed to back up all my knitting stuff đŸ™‚ The wireless problem is fixable for free but the other 2 things may not be and so for 2 weeks maybe more i will be sharing a laptop with hubby. So things may slow down just a little around here as far as email response,blogging and me just being online.

I got a small package from my Omi last week and she sent me the stuff she uses to make Jam, so there may be more jam making soon.

The small one is some lemon packet-i have had a chance to read the details but i am assuming she used this in place of fresh lemon juice which is what i did for my jelly. And the the big bag is the sugar and pectin mix. She even sent me a teeny jar of her jelly. So yummy!!! i have already eaten all but maybe one more bread slice worth.

Since you all liked her crafty goods so much i am ending this post with a small quilt she slipped in the package. She really appreciated all the wonderful things you said about her stuff. She laughed a little when i told her i put all that stuff online but deep inside i know she liked it đŸ™‚

Hopefully i will have something of my own to show soon.

Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Not Much

  1. Gurl you took it back with the friendship bracelets!! :o)

    I am sure you will have some goodies to show us soon!

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