Quilty Goodness

I am not sure if i have mentioned it or not but my grandma loves quilting and is very good at it though she always says she isn’t.  Usually during the warmer weather she does more sewing than knitting and there is only so much she can make for herself so that means i get some goodness 🙂  i have a whole bunch of quilts and a shelf full of runners, placemats and just other general decorational stuff.  I want to hang some up but havin’t figured out how yet without hurting the quilt.

At first i wasn’t going to say anything about it because i guess i thought you guys wouldn’t be interested but i got a bag about a month ago and Lane really didn’t pay any attention to it in true manly fashion. Then we were getting ready to go somewhere and the bag was right over by where h was putting his shoes on and he said “Oh is this new? Did Omi make it?”  

 I looked over and said “Oh yeah i got that like a week ago” 

“Wow, Honey that is really good, i can’t believe she made that” and he picked it up to look at it, looked back up at me and said “Do you like it?”

“Well of course i like it!!! I wouldn’t be using it if i didn’t like it.” i said with a bit of a i can’t believe you asked me that tone.

“Did you put it on your blog?” He asked.


The with a slightly raised voice he says “You don’t like it, if you liked it you would have posted about it”

“NO! i just didn’t post it, i don’t know i guess i didnt think they would wanna see some bag my grandma made me”

He has continued to accuse me of not liking it and asking whether i put it on my blog yet.

Well yesterday i got another package and there was more handmade goodness in it. So before he even got home from work i got my camera and took pictures of everything. Even the first bag that started all the silly drama.

So without further ado–My Omi’s Quilty Goodness

The bag that started the drama, i love the swirly colored background against the creamy color:

The new bag i got yesterday, i love the color of this one 🙂  Its more of a deeper purple than the photo shows:

And some boxes. Little Man loves these-he took the two smallest to use as boats for his Playmobile pirates.  I love them as well-as soon as i clean my table i will be filling them up with things, i could probably even use the biggest for a sock project with Summer of Socks just around the corner 🙂

Here are all of them spread out:

and tucked in one another, as you can see someone desperately wanted to be in the picture-he tried to sneak in a few times i have some blurred shots 🙂

I hope guys enjoyed it-It will make hubby very happy to have proved me wrong Lol but i think it would make my Omi feel special that i put her stuff on here for all to see 🙂

 Stacey-i got some Malabrigo the other day from The Loopy Ewe-i can see why you love it so much 🙂 I can’t wait to make something with them, i got 2 balls-awww heck here they are, a picture can be better than words. 

This will be a hat for Little Man:

This one is for me-i couldn’t resist the color. i am thinking probably a neck-warmer of sorts.

Joanna, yes i think a hoodie just like his bears would be adorable for Little Man 🙂

Karen, Little Man does like his bear-they even went sliding yesterday but his first love will always be Rhino. I think i make these things more for my pleasure than his 🙂

Happy Thursday!


3 thoughts on “Quilty Goodness

  1. The bags are absolutely beautiful! I would carry them all the time everywhere! And the boxes are great, too, very handy for toys, cosmetics or a knitting project. Although I don’t do patchworks myself I always admire somebody else’s works.
    I’m sorry to say that your husband was right – you should show us such lovely pieces the members of your family made! *^v^*

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