he has had clothes


With shorts on, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

For over a week. I think he looks adorable in clothes-it hides some of the things i didn’t like about him 🙂 There are more pics of him with his hoodie and Little Man on my Flickr.

I used random yarn from my stash-the shorts are some sock yarn and his hoodie is yarn Joanna gave me some time ago.

I would tell you the details but honestly i don’t feel up to it-i have been under the weather the past couple days. i think its my allergies but it has hit me hard worse than usual and different than usual-it could also be a cold but it very different from other colds i have had-So no clue right now. i am just hoping i improves soon.
i think my cat, max, knows something is up he as been very cuddly again. he kinda disappeared for a few weeks to just be on his own in the basment or living room by the door-i think because of the heat ANYWAY He has decided to lay across my lap and laptop in not the best way for typing and knead on my stomach and he has half closed eyes–So cute i love when he i like this epecially since Cleo is not remotely cuddly she tries to claw you if you pick her up.

Tomorrow i have some pictures to show of some things i have recieved in the mail recently from my grandma.


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