Burnin’ Rings


Burnin’ Rings, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

“Your still working on that?”

“Have you even touched it since the last time you were over?’

Well now i won’t have to hear that anymore because my Burnin’ Rings of Fire are done!!!

Project: Burning Rings of Fire by Kirsten Kapur
Dates: April 12 -June 11, 2008 Almost 2 months to the day
For: Me-i know i have been very sock greedy-I am planning socks for little man and my grandma this summer.
Needles: Size 2 dps and 2 circs
Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Bamboo Color 2 balls but i didnt use a full skein-there was probably about a quarter of each ball left.
Notes: Easy pattern. The yarn is soft and colorful perfect for this pattern. The yarn can be a little splitty but i didnt have a whole bunch a problems with it but maybe about 6 times i poked my needles through the yarn-usually if i wasn’t paying attention. The pattern is written in 2 circ needle format but i started with Dps, then after working on it for a few rows i tried the 2 circs and it was okay but i felt like it slowed be down so i went back the Dps. Then i made those hearts for the teachers and that was with 2 circs and it kinda got me in my groove so when i came back to the socks i changed to the circulars again and stuck it out for about 75 percent of the second sock then i got tired of it and went back to the Dps. It’s not that i don’t like the circular needles there are a few nice things about working with them but i felt like having to move the needles and get everything in position for each row was slowing me down and i wanted to get these babies done. But i am glad i tried it out and i will continue to do so. I think it is a good technique to know if you ever want it.

Today i have some seaming together planned for a hoodie that i finally started to make this week for the Knitted Bear i made Little Man. The i have shorts and socks to make him but i am not in a huge rush to make those. i want to start another bear-for me 🙂
I also started Kiri (pdf)  i this week but not a lot has been done on that. I am trying to finish up more WIPs.

Tomorrow is WWKIP day, Are any of you going to be outside showing your skills. There is a little gathering at a park nearby so i think i may stop by, depends on the weather and if i chicken out. Lol i am so shy-horrible at meeting new people but since Little Man will be at grandma’s i think i should suck it up and go hang with some fellow grown-up knitters.

I found out yesterday that next Saturday Little Man is having his first soccer practice and the Monday after that his first game!!!!! i am so excited 🙂 I hope he likes it.

Enjoy Your Weekend!


3 thoughts on “Burnin’ Rings

  1. Those socks rock!!

    @ WWKIPD – Yes! We have been planning a big event here! I will be out in the HOT sun all day tomorrow! *joy joy* ;op

  2. I’m afraid I’m going to stay home all day today so no knitting in public for me. The weather isn’t nice so I’ll be happy to sit on my own couch and knit! *^v^*
    Great socks, I like the rings around the ankles, they remind me of the little girl’s stockings too big for her, curled around her ankles (kindergarten memories, yeah… ^^).
    Go, go, go, Little Man! =^v^=

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