Shorts for Little Man

Thank you for all you well wishes for Little Man. I am happy to say that he is all better and using his arm like a normal wild and wacky boy.

Shorts for Little Man, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Last week i tried making some shorts for Little Man.
They turned out pretty good. I still need to seriously work on my sewing and cutting-yes i realize cutting should have been easier with a pattern but when i say i am a horrible cutter i mean it-i just can’t explain it. It’s like the scissors get a mind of their own.

 Little Man likes the shorts very much and i do too. The other day we were at the playground and it was really crowded and whenever i thought i had lost him i could look down a little and look for blue elephant pants running around-not something all the kids have 🙂

The pattern is Butterick 3109.

 I also got a pattern to make hubby some shorts for Father’s Day but now i am not sure i will have time to make them. I hope i can do at least one pair.

well off to finally do my laundry-i wish it would just go away 🙂

Have a Happy Wednesday!!!


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