What a day and night.  Yesterday we went to the graduation party of Lane’s cousin and toward the end of the party Little Man was hurt during some roughing and wrestling with older kids.  He said it was his arm and a Doctor at the party said she didnt feel anything so we iced it and waited a bit.  About 40 mins later he wanted to eat something and when they tried to move him he screamed bloody murder so it was decided we would take him to the hospital for further examination and x-rays. We got there shortly after midnight-after about 30 mins they took his blood pressure and information and then sent us back to the waiting room.  We werent called back to see a doctor until 3 am and then she looked at it tried to talk to him about it and all he really did was cry because he was beyond tired.  So x-ray it was.  We didn’t get the x-ray done until  some time after 4 am and then after that we waited another hour before there was any news about what the x-ray showed…Nothing.

So the doctor told us he had a contusion on his wrist and it could be sore for some time and to ice it and give him motrin-We got home at 6 am.  i was surprisingly very awake the whole time and having been up for 24 hours didnt hit me until i layed in my bed.  lane didnt handle it as well everytime he sat down his head would fall into sleep which was quite amusing for me. Little Man slept during most of the times we waited.  it was horrible-i couldnt believe we ended up being there all night and sometimes you look out into the hallway and it seems like nobody is doing anything so why arent they helping you. Normally i would be super mad but i kept my patience the whole time even though that last hour it got pretty hard. I am glad that Little Man had nothing major like a break but it was still such a long night just to find out go home and use ice and motrin.  He is doing much better today and has actually used the left arm a few times.  So anyway since Little Man did get some sleep at the hospital and woke back up at 10:30 this morning i am still pretty tired after only 4 hours of sleep so i have been lounging the day away and i decided to do the meme that Joanna tagged me with over the weekend to perk things up 🙂

1)What was i doing 10 years ago?    10 years ago i was a quiet, shy sophmore in High School and i remember that year at this time i had to take all my finals early because my summer trip to Germany had been planned for a little bit before school was done.  I was excited to go but sometimes it was hard because after i came back home at the end of summer so much had always changed with my friends-hair, new friends or boyfriends-there were usually things i had missed but trust me looking back i am so thankful that i had that chance to spend summers in germany with my grandma.

2)What are 5 thing on my to-do list for today?  well since its already evening i am going to make this my list for Monday.  

                    a)Get some extra sheets for Little Man’s bed-he has been potty-trained for almost 2 years now and and we haven’t been able to shake the night-time wetting at all. So i am begining to wonder if he has just become accustomed to the night pull-ups so we are taking them away cold turkey to see what happens. I am hoping this works i really can’t come up with other ideas-i have cut off his drinking early i have tried waking him up in the middle of the night (hell for me lol) and so far nothing so Cold Turkey it is wish me luck!

                  b)Dishes-they have piled up all weekend-i did nothing today, too lazy.

                  c) Sweep and clean the Living room-i noticed some ants by the front door so i need to do a good sweep and clean up to get rid of them-we get them every begin of summer

                  d)Start Laundry

                  e) Clean up my craft area and Little Man’s room we have both let them go so while he cleans his i will clean mine but i will be helping him with his since he has the hurt wrist.  Man my day tomorrow doesn’t sound very fun-lot of clean-up Phooey! but it has to be done.

3)Snacks i enjoy:   Oh boy, what snacks don’t i enjoy. i am more of a sweet snacker than a salty snacker. chocolate, cakes, cookies, ice cream, I also like fruit out of the fridge-nice and cold 🙂

4)Things i would do if i were a Billionaire:  Well first of pay off any loans we have-the house, lane’s student loans, credit cards.  Finish School. Then we would fix up the house we are in so that way we could sell it and get a house with maybe one more room and a big kitchen 🙂 Not really out in the country but right like borderline where the yards a bit bigger and you don’t have a neighbor within 5 feet next to you and i would want that house to be in Germany-close to my grandma of course. i would travel  and i would want to go out and meet some of those internet friends i have made!! i would donate some as well.

5) Places i have lived:  Germany, a few cities in Michigan all within minutes of each other besides one city that was further away when i was younger and shortly Georgia.

6) Jobs i have had: briefly i watched 2 kids regularly and then after i got out if school i worked at Meijer for 4 years  in the Health and Beauty Care department.   I did stock and helped customers made sure the department looked good.  Then Little Man came and i have been lucky to be able stay home with him.

7) Bloggers i am tagging who i will enjoy getting to know better– Oh few lucky blog readers of mine i tag you 🙂 well not Joanna cause she already did this.




2 thoughts on “Zzzzzzz

  1. Oh, poor Little Man!… I hope his arm gets better soon. And poor you two, sometimes I have the same feeling in the hospitals or some offices – it seems that nobody does anything so they could come and take care of my business, but it doesn’t happen and it makes me angry and surprised.
    Thank you for doing the meme, now have some rest after the long night. ^^

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