Junie Bug

Another FO! WOOHOO! Now if only it hadn’t been in progress for over a month.

June Bug, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Project: June Bug by Jess Hutch
Made for: Me
Dates: April 2-June 2, 2008 (wow exactly 2 mths-i am ashamed)
Needles: 6 & 8 double points
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft for the grey and dk. Purple and i think the light purple is Bernat Satin.
My thought: Very easy pattern, i got kind of tired of the legs even though they technically could be go pretty quickly. I messed up on the placement of one of the legs a little but other than that no problems. So far i am having great fun with these patterns and can’t wait to do more but i don’t think it will be soon because i have Summer of Socks coming up and i have some socks to finish before then and i want to knit a lace shawl to surprise my Grandma. There is so much i want to do!!

And i forgot to load this last time so here is the cake i promised-i got the recipe here. Blueberry Banana Cake-i followed the recipe but instead of Cream Cheese frosting i made a powdered sugar and lemon juice frosting. I made it for the tea party little man wanted to have and it was delish!! But he changed it last minute to a Hot Chocolate Party-either way it was great and we all had fun 🙂



5 thoughts on “Junie Bug

  1. Well, it’s June now so there was no way you could finish the June Bug in, let’s say, April. Or May. It’s just in time! *^v^*
    It’s lovely but I can imagine the legs could slow you down. It’s good it’s not a centipede though! *^v^*
    After all this renovation in my flat I could do with a nice Hot Chocolate Party with a cake! ^^

  2. You are really cranking out some adorable toys! I have Jess Hutch squirreled away… your June Bug is adorable! Looks like she’s cheering on summer! Yeah June! 😉

  3. Your June bug is so cute!!
    The cake looks delicious. I think a hot chocolate party sounds like more fun than a tea party! Tea parties are so prim and proper.

  4. Lovely looking cake, have you tried any of the girl bears clothes yet, I’ve been getting onto all kinds of problems, especially with siss’s trousers!
    Lisa x

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