Good-Bye Hearts

Thursday was Little Man’s last day of 3-yr old preschool and he wanted to make the teachers cards and hearts. he was in charge of the cards and i was asked if i could knit the hearts. of course i agreed. Boy was i starting to regret after i frogged my first heart 3 times.

Hearts, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Pattern: Seamless Heart by Sara L
Dates: May 26-28, 2008
Made for Little Man’s teachers
Needles: size 2 circs
Yarn: leftover regia sock, Regia bamboo sock and Louet gems sock yarn
My Thoughts: it’s a great pattern and i love that it’s seamless. But for whatever reason i totally screwed up the first 3 times i cast on-somehow on the 3rd row i totally messed something up-don’t know what but my numbers were off and on my first heart i started to end up with a three sides heart-like i was doing to many repeats. But i finally just figured out what she was aiming for and made the heart with my own numbers and i ended up making them just a tad bigger. I did not stuff them since i was making them to hang and i did a crochet chain for the hangers. great pattern i will make more of these.

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!!


4 thoughts on “Good-Bye Hearts

  1. Hello,
    your hearts came out wonderful. I am so sorry you had so much trouble the first few times with hte pattern. It looks like multiple people are having the same problem… i think it is due to the Krl stitch. I have tried to clear it up a bit more now. if you have any suggestions on how I can improve the pattern i would love to hear them.

    here is the edit i made to the pattern hopefully it deals with the trouble you had

    ” IMPORTANT NOTE: When knitting the krl in includes the increase as well as the knit stitch. So where it reads Krl you are going to increase and knit one then continue with the pattern instructions. It is similar to a Kfb stitch and is used the same in a pattern.”

    Thank you
    Sara L.

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