Goodies in the Mail and in the Kitchen

Yay! I missed a package on Saturday and so yesterday me and Little Man ventured out to the Post Office in our Pj’s.

Goodies from Joanna, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Surprise! i got a package from Joanna!!! i got some great fabric and already have some ideas! Floss for Friendship Bracelets and some heart beads, cute little bird patches and rhinestone beads. Thank you so much! i can’t wait to create with everything 🙂

Today was a really nice day. I started cleaning out my closet in the guest/craft room, weeded, had a picnic in the backyard with Little Man. We raced around the yard-Whew he wears me out. Got my 2 bad tires replaced-:( that was more than expected. One of my tires is worth 2 of my husband’s and his tires are bigger!!! Oh well.
And i did some baking-Foccacia Bread. The recipe is from Apples for Jam, a really beautiful cookbook. I like the recipes but i have to admit i got it mostly for the pictures. It’s called Olive Oil Foccacia and has a lot of rising breaks so if you want it ready for dinner then you have to start it at lunch. I sprinkled Rosemary on the top of mine along with the salt, water and oil mixture that the recipe has. I was a little concerned at first because the book said my dough would be really sticky and it wasn’t it came together very nicely and also it didn’t seem to be rising as much as i thought it would. i have to tell you that i got a little impatient during the second rising and maybe could have let it sit longer and the boys were hungry. But it came out great! maybe not as puffy but hubby loved it!!! He said it was the best bread i had made so far YAY!!!! Little Man enjoyed it as well but he loves bread any bread so that wasn’t such a surprise.

We still have plenty leftover so tomorrow morning Little Man and I are going to walk to the grocery store and get some lunch meats and cheese and make some sandwiches with what is left….maybe another picnic in the backyard 🙂

AND yesterday i made more popsicles so when Little Man asked for one a few minutes ago i made sure i snapped a pic for you guys since i kept forgetting last time. These ones are a little different because the only berry i had was Strawberry so for the extra fruit i added some banana. Yummy 🙂

Last night the computer ate up most of my knitting time-so hopefully i will get more accomplished tonight.

Last but definitly not least–Thanks for the love on my bag 🙂


3 thoughts on “Goodies in the Mail and in the Kitchen

  1. Great surprise package!
    I didn’t know you make Friendship Bracelets! ;op
    And foccacia bread…and popsicles! Haha!

    I must stay o.f.f. the computer too!!! Ugh!

  2. I was a bit worried that my parcel got lost somewhere on the way, it seemed like ages since I sent it… I’m glad it finally reached you, have a great time creating! *^v^*
    the Foccacia Bread looks delicious, I haven’t tried it yet but I will! It’s great to hear the praises from the loved ones when you cook something nice, it’s a great encouragement for the future cooking. *^v^*

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