Pleated Beauty

 It’s all done!! Whew!
This was a lot of sewing but i am really happy with how it turned out.

Owl side, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

This is the Pleated Beauty Bag from Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. It’s a nice size tote and will be good for a knitting project or just as a big bag because i carry around a lot of stuff 🙂

My favorite part is Little Man’s owl i am so glad that i had him draw a picture for me. I like my sheep as well but there is just that extra sweeteness to the Owl side 🙂

The bag itself was easy to put together there was just a lot of pieces that had to be sewn together. i could see myself making another one of these but not anytime soon.

Knitting-wise i have no finished projects-i never even touched my June-Bug like i said i wanted to.
Instead i cast on for two new projects!! Drive-Thru by Wendy Bernard-i am making a cardigan version for Little Man and a Knitted Teddy Bear. I got a new book on saturday called Knitted Bears– it’s by Clare Garland, the same author of Knitted Babes and Dream Toys. The bears are super cute and come with super cute outfits. As soon as i finish making Little Man’s i am making one for myself 🙂 Little Man said he “wants all the bears” so i have a feeling we will have a family of bears and i still want to make more knitted babes i just have been so busy starting new things that come along that i haven’t gone back to do any repeat projects. I need an extra set of arms.

Tomorrow i have some package goodies to show 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pleated Beauty

  1. Super cute! And I really like the pleats!

    Ooh bears and goodies! ;oD

    Don’t feel bad I haven’t felt like picking up my needles in awhile!

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