A Sheep and A Owl

We are feeling so much better today! We were even finally able to go grocery shopping-we haven’t had milk since Monday morning and that bad since both the men in the house have to have cereal for breakfast 🙂 But it was a good way to remind Aidan that there are other things besides cereal and a good way to remind myself that having to spend a few extra minutes making breakfast isn’t so bad. I am not a morning person at all and will freely admit that i like the convenience of cereal. 🙂

Since i got my new sewing machine i decided i wanted to tackle a bag that was slightly trickier and a little more work than i felt up to before. It’s called Pleated Beauty Bag and it is in the Bend The Rules Sewing book by Amy Karol that i have made a few other things from. My biggest issue was having to cut all the pieces-there is no pattern just measurements. Shouldn’t be to hard right but for whatever reason i measure fine, Cut it and it’s all wonky-so i spent all of Saturday night CAREFULLY measuring and cutting my pieces. Everything look okay-not perfect but good enough.
The two middle panels of the bag can be embroidered and i knew i wanted a sheep on mine so i decided on a cute sheep that was in Little Man’s book “Where is the Green Sheep?” and i am very happy with how it came out. Better Shot here. The other side of the bag i planned on leaving blank, like a wrong side to the bag but after going back and forth i decided i wanted something there. After thinking for a long time i suddenly thought of something i had seen here recently and knew that was what i wanted to do. I also saw it somewhere else before Christmas but for whatever reason i wasn’t as struck by it. ANYWAY i originally wanted an owl for the back of the bag and wasn’t happy with what i had drawn and what i was finding as far as Clipart on online. Well one of my drawing were laying on the floor and Little Man took it to copy the owl, he is always copying things i write and have laying around, after a couple minutes he brought me his copy and i loved it. For the past few days that has been his new favorite thing to draw and even more special for my bag because it would be an owl drawn by him!! better shot here.

Panels again, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

In the morning we are registering Little Man for 4 yr old Preschool and then in the afternoon i am hoping to start sewing my bag together. There is a lot of assembly so i think it will take a couple days but i am looking forward to the finished product.

Tonight i am hoping to finish some knitting on my June Bug from Unusual Knitted Toys but we will see i may change my mind in the next couple hours 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Sheep and A Owl

  1. I am the master of eating the same thing over and over again… For breakfast during the week I have semolina with hot milk and a splash of cranberry syrup, and on weekends me and Robert have eggs with bacon. Not very imaginative! *^v^*
    There is a good way to cut perfect pieces out of a fabric – when you only have measurements, don’t draw them directly on the fabric, prepare the paper pattern first and trace it with a pencil or a soap. ^^
    Your sheep rocks, but Little Man’s owl is awesome! It’s very natural and it’s great to see how children perceive the objects and animals surrounding them. *^v^*

  2. Your bag will be fabulous!!
    We eat cereal most days. When N wants a treat for breakfast we buy Poptarts. They’re not the best thing for breakfast but they are so easy:)
    Yesterday I went to kindergarten orientation. N goes to kindergarten in the fall. I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly.

  3. Wow Myriam! Your little man’s owl came up a treat. It makes me happy to think that something I posted about went on to inspire someone else to create something so lovely. I know the idea wasn’t originally mine…but its great that my interpretation made you think of your own. What a great feeling! Jen

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