Newest Project

When we returned home on Monday i went to the Post Office to pick up our held mail. I had an expected package that came earlier than i thought it would. Goodies from my grandma in Germany.

I asked my grandma if she would mind picking me up sock yarn whenever she saw a good deal. When i was there i got some that were 1.99 euros or 3.99 euros on sale so i got some good deals-cheaper than here (no offense to any yarn shops or dyers). Anyway she said no problem and next time we spoke she said she already had some for me.

Yummy!!! i love what she picked out and on sale!! So you may be thinking i have some serious sock knitting plans coming but i have other plans for these beauties.

Squares!! and these squares will then be put together to make this!
The six balls shown aren’t going to be enough i have a couple already that i may use and my grandma said she continue to be on lookout for deals. But i will be busy for quite some time with these balls.

i also want to work on a swatch this weekend for this. ( scroll down to 3rd row of pics and its the dress in the middle) It looks cute and hopefully i can pull it off but i won’t be making it as long.
What do you guys think? i am not 100% sure on yarn yet but i was thinking a pastel purple. I am not giving myself a lot of options because whatever i choose it has to be cheap lol

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Newest Project

  1. Your grandmother sent you beautiful yarn! Your knitted quilt will be lovely.
    What kind of yarn are you thinking of using for the dress? I think it’s very pretty. Pastel purple would be nice.

  2. What a cute dress! Pastel purple will be perfect! *^v^*
    With a knitted quilt – that’s quite a project, ho, ho, ho! Whenever I see some blankets online I think that I might knit one too, but I always have some other project on my mind. Maybe one day. =^v^=

  3. Gurl you got me thinking you were going to be knitting up a ton of socks over there! LOL

    How about I just wound up today two Regia balls for some future socks…but I think I changed my mind just that fast! Haha!

    The blanket is going to look wonderful when it is completed!

    I now know what you will be knitting this summer! ;o)

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