We are Home


Luquillo Beach, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Again back home 🙂 as nice as it is to travel it is also nice to be back home.
So we went to Puerto Rico to see my dad and all my family down there. A cousin of mine was getting married and my dad was the Best Man so i thought it would be a good reason to make my way down there.
We had a really nice time. It was really nice seeing my dad, his wife and her daughters, aunts, cousins and their little ones and they got to meet my family as well. Its hard having all my family so far away and it makes us poor LOL so no more travels for awhile.
We went to the beach, drove around the island and visited some places. Had some yummy food!! it was all a lot of fun.

I made am halfway thru the heel of one of my socks-Yep that’s all i got done 🙂
I started a new project yesterday and will be swatching for a third soon too but more on all that next time or i won’t have anything to talk about!

Happy to be back-Hope you are all well! Some Knitting News tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “We are Home

  1. What a beautiful view!… *sigh* I haven’t been to the seaside for so long, maybe we will go this year some place nice and hot and full of views like that, we are getting a tax return and this will definitely go towards our holidays! ^^ I saw on Ravelry that you collected quite a nice group of Regia yarns, tell us about it! *^v^*

  2. Welcome Home!!

    I am sure it was very hard to leave PR and all of your fam!! AAAhhh!

    Glad it was a wonderful time for you! But nothing like being back home in your own bed!! :oD

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