Socks and Short Vaca.


Socks of Kindness, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Yay!! I finished my socks.
Name: Zigzagy Socks
Project: Socks of Kindness, A recipe
Made: for Me
Dates: Dec. 29, 2007-April 11, 2008-this was not Second Sock Syndrome-i just set it aside and neglected it.
Size: To fit my feet-8.5 shoe size
Needle: Size 2 Dps
Yarn: Wolle Rödel Sport & Strumpfwolle Color Extrastark
Notes: Easy pattern to memorize. I really like the recipe. I learned how to do a short row heel, using the tutorial the pattern links too. I am not sure if i like it doing it but i do like how the socks turned out and it is nice not having to pick up sts cause sometime my picked up sts don’t look super nice BUT trying to knit into 3 sts was a bit of a pain and tried my patience. I think i was partially at fault by making my wraps to tight, even thought i tried not to. Overall-love them! Oh and that little string inbetween my socks-all that was left when i was done-whew it was a close one.

We are off on a little vacation so there will be some blog silence.
But of course i am taking some knitting with me-i am thinking only one project because we will be doing a lot of stuff and i am unsure of knitting time and well none of my family on my dad’s are knitters(that i am aware of-he was kinda surprised when i was working on it on his last visit like it hadn’t seen knitting before) so i don’t think they will really understand if i whip out my knitting and i do not want to offend but another ball of sock yarn may sneak into my suitcase just in case. 🙂
i have been doing some shopping at The Loopy Ewe and got a Go Knits pouch, Regia Bamboo yarn and Dp needle holder are all ready to go 🙂 The pattern going with me is Burning Rings of Fire (pdf), not to complicated but not boring either-a great pattern!

Don’t have to much fun without me 😉 See you guys soon!!!


3 thoughts on “Socks and Short Vaca.

  1. Great work My on your socks!!!
    I like short row heels b/c I don’t have to fool around with picking up!

    OOh nice treats from the Loopy Ewe!
    And which netflix movie is that?!? LOL Just messin’ with ya!

    Enjoy you mini vacay! You must tell us where you went when you come back!

    And yeah…I hate that I have to be so consider of my knitting with non-knitters sigh…but I do understand! ;op

    Have LOTS of fun and be safe!!

  2. i’m sorry i havent talked to you in awhile! have fun in puerto rico!

    and what i would like to know is what movie you’ve got there????

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