I got nothin’


“They play games just so i can cuddle up in the game box”


It’s cold, cloudy and rainy and i have had nothing to talk about all week.

So i am going to tell you how i am tidying the house, figuring out what we need and don’t need for our trip next week. I hate packing! I never feel like i have done it correctly-i feel like it’s to little or too much, usually too much. We have 2 suitcases and a garment bag-That feels like so much 😦 and the garment bag has fancy things for the wedding we have to attend and here i was hoping for basically no carry on.  But either way i am looking forward to the trip.

I have been knitting on my socks that i started WAY back in December-i couldn’t justify starting another pair of socks unless i had finished or really close to finished the ones i already had in progress.  Then i won’t feel so bad working on socks on the trip.  I’ll show you what i’ll be knitting in the next post-i bought some goodies for my trip 🙂

So anyway, since i am so boring go check out these friends for some knitting and excitement-2 things i am lacking in this week haha 😉

Stacey excitement

Jen knitting


2 thoughts on “I got nothin’

  1. I also hate packing for the trips!… And we are leaving today for the weekend at the cottage and on Monday we will be checking the paperwork concerning the land at different offices. It’s the first official barbecue weekend of the season, yikes! *^v^*
    Have a great weekend!

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