First of all, Seth says thanks for all the love.

Oh boy-so about a year and a half ago i started learning crochet and i did alright but it just wasn’t sticking so i set it aside.

i was at Joann craft store and i came across this book:

Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute by Elisabeth Doherty 

i love the dolls, she refers to them as humanoids. There are some other cute patterns as well like the carrot, strawberries, a cheeseburger with the works, all things i could make for Little Man’s kitchen. Also more cute animals that made me think well these look fun and maybe if i am having fun and looking forward to the end result then i would get more into it, plus i had a 40% coupon 🙂

So i started out with the first project-A carrot.

Carrot, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

It looks okay-very carrot-like but i am doing something wrong…and i can’t figure out how to fix it. It’s hard to see but basically where i am joining my row and starting the next one you get a little seam and my seam is twisting all around my carrot and it shouldn’t. It should stay in a pretty straight line going up the “back” of the project. I movd on and made a strawberry as well-same problem so again i have set my crocheting aside again to work on what i know knitting cute animals 🙂

When we get back from our trip then i will pull it back out but i have a lot going on right now and until we leave. i have a crochet book from Debbie Stoller and i think i need to just go back and start from the beginning and relearn all the little details i need to know again. i mean i remember all the basics but something isn’t clicking so i think it will help.
Do any of you crochet or have you tried it?


2 thoughts on “C.rochet

  1. I’m sorry I cannot help you with this, my knowledge of crochet is the basic chain and that’s it… Although I’m going to learn soon to make the Joy cardigan from Rowan. So we will be learning together, *^v^*

  2. I haven’t crocheted in years. I learned in 4th grade. I *think* you are going through 1/2 of the stitch and not the whole stitch. There must be a place online with crochet videos or crochet troubleshooting. Or what about a ravelry group? There must be one!
    Good luck! The book looks great.

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