Ravelry Kindness and Meet Seth the Bear

A couple years ago i think Jess Hutchison came out with a little booklet of adorable knitted toys. I don’t recall my first encounter with the booklet online but i knew right away i wanted it and it was no where to be found. I signed up for the waiting list and waited and waited and then got the dreaded email-There would be no reprint of the booklet, Jess was moving on to other things. I put a search on ebay, looked on forums to see if there one ever popped up. After a few months i got an email from ebay that one was up for bid-it finally sold for 150 i think-not to me-i don’t have that kind of cash for a little book. A couple months later same thing but this time they sold for over 200 bucks. WOAH!! Let’s just say i gave up!!
i forgot about it for awhile and try not to get mopey when i saw the cute things others were making (yeah i know i am pathetic). Well since i have been making some cute knitted toy lately i thought i would join the group on Ravelry. When i searched for that group a Jess Hutch group also popped up and…i had to look. Nothing really jumped out at me on the forum until i clicked on Hutch Patterns-Jess had given someone permission to share her pattern booklet!!!!!!!!! I was so excited i squealed! i kept reading to find out what i had to do, landed on the last page and found out the kind person had quit doing it days ago. Talk about defeated, i was having no luck with this silly book but it renewed my need to search for it. Finally i emailed jess and she gave me permission to get a copy from whoever was willing to give me one and i posted on the group pleading for a copy-okay not really i kept my cool and I got replies!!!! This wonderful person helped me out and i am very thankful and of course to the other offers that came after as well!!
i got my copy and immediately got to work.

Seth the Bear, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Meet Seth the Bear!!!!

Pattern: Henry the Bear from Unusual Knitted Toys

Made for: Me

Dates: March 30-April 1, 2008

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice in Taupe for bear, Caron Simply Soft in black for pants and Caron Simply Brites for the shirt and “S”. They don’t have their label anymore so i am unsure of exact color names.

Needles: 8 double points

Notes: I loved this pattern. It’s knit in the round so no seaming!!!!! It’s a super quick project. I learned a new way of attaching the limbs to the body, the booklet said its from World of Knitted Toys by Kath Dalmeny. In the end it gives the appearance that the limb is knitted on-its almost like grafting-sorry not much help but i have no idea what the technique is called. It is a bit tricky but i figured it out quickly.
I just love him-he turned out way better than i expected him to.

More Unusual Friends will be coming soon.

I have also been dabbling in some crochet-more on that tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Ravelry Kindness and Meet Seth the Bear

  1. It was so worth the long search as Seth is adorable!!

    And I will let you keep dreaming that he is for you…b/c you know any toy is really little man’s! LOL

  2. That bear is just as cute as the Robot. Great job! I just found out about Ravelry while signing up for the UFOlympics. Hope to meet up with you there as well. I too was on the listing for the Unusual Toys book, so never got a copy either. I’ve pouted ever since. Maybe I’ll be lucky too.

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