Where did my day go?

practice birthday cake, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Phew-i may be posting the cake today but no one will be reading it until tomorrow 🙂 sorry about my tardiness but my day just got away with itself.

Well here he is in all his multi-textured glory.

I used a shaped cake pan and i was very happy with how well the details showed up. That made doing the red outline much easier. But boy is is back breaking. It really is easiest to do all the frosting while standing up and hunched over. Does not feel good. My only issue during the outlining was that sometime my tip stuck to the frosting and messed up my line.

After that i got the blue frosting out. I started with a small star tip and hated it right away but pressed on up the front leg. I soon realized i would be doing this all day so i switched to my larger star tip. Well somehow during the switching of the tips my frosting softened and was just kind oozing out. i did manage a few stars but you might be able to see that i moved on to smooth lines. hahahaha-This got so messy and i will admit i got a little frustrated. The big red blob inbetween all the white-i hadnt folded my frosting tube correctly and frosting oozed out the top end. I learned alot over the weekend and i am very glad that i decided to do a practice cake. For the most part i will do everything the same but i am not doing star texture all over the cake i think we will be going for the much faster textured rows of frosting.
The dinosaur doesn’t look bad for my first time-I mean you can tell what it is-right? 🙂

All that matters is-Little Man Approved!

Tomorrow MORNING-My Fuzzy Mitten Lamb!!!


3 thoughts on “Where did my day go?

  1. It’s beautiful! Great job! Working with frosting is not that easy at all. Anybody would like a cake like this for birthday (I know I would! ^^ In fact, I might make some nice shaped cake just for my own entertainment for this year’s birthday, why not? *^v^*).

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