Super Bunny


Here he is!!  A Super Hero Bunny for my Little Man on Easter. 
Pattern: Easter Bunny by Fuzzy Mitten
Made for: Little Man
Yarn: Vanna’s Choice Solid in Linen
Needles: Size 6 Dps-just because i wanted shorter needles to knit with.
Dates:March 11-March 20, 2008
Pattern: Super Cape and T-shirt by Fuzzy Mitten
Yarn: Some leftover Caron Simply Soft
Needles-Size 7
Patterns were easy and fun to knit. Lots of little pieces to sew and seam together but they are small so not a big deal.  I overstuffed a little on the arms so i think next time i will have to hold back and one of my legs is a little thicker than the other. lol
She also uses skpo for decreasing and i think next time i would use ssk instead-to me it looks a little bit neater but that is just personal preference. 
He turned out pretty cute-I really had to mold his head-it didnt look anything like the pattern after i first stuffed it.
I think i made it more for myself then for Little Man-i wanted to try out the pattern and Little Man will enjoy the bunny for a little bit but i know it won’t last long-never does with the little guys 🙂
I originally started out with the Fuzzy Lamb pattern also by Fuzzy Mitten-this is her free pattern. i was going to do it for practice but my extra time got sucked by the illness and so i had to go straight to the bunny before i could finish the lamb-but all i have to do is seam, stuff and put him together. Next week hopefully-i got some busy days coming.
Tomorrow-some goodies to show 🙂
Happy First Day of Spring to you all-hope someone out there has some warm weather-we have cold today and snow coming tonight-not spring-like AT ALL!! 

4 thoughts on “Super Bunny

  1. Are you just trying to rub it in my face that you finished yours??? 🙂 Annabelle just keeps asking, “where’s my chocolate bunny?” This is adorable… great job!

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