Weekend of Haircuts

Weekend of Haircuts, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

So after finally having our energy back, Easter, birthdays and a trip coming up i thought we need haircuts.
Little Man just went for his usual haircut-short on the sides and a little longer on top. He isn’t crying in the after picture, i made him take of his sunglasses for th shot and so he is squinting.

I on the other hand went more drastic-it wasn’t the plan but i got there and just decided Ah-it will grow out. So it’s mid-neck and lots of layers. i actually really like it-its nice and fresh and makes me feel ready for Spring and some warmer weather. Now i just need Mother Nature to play along 🙂

So what have you all been up to? i have cleaned my crafty room, lounged around a lot, caught up with some of the house stuff but still need to do laundry, entertained my mom while she painted her living room and gotten all the tips and decorating needs for Little Man’s birthday cake.
He wants a dinosaur cake so i am going to make it myself-i got a pan on Ebay and before the big day i am going to do a practice run of everything-so we will see how it turns out-i may be buying a square cake last minute and decorating it with dinosaur toys LOL-No i must think positively-I can do this and really it doesn’t have to be perfect-Little Man won’t notice and i am not worried about the people coming to his party-It’s all going in the mouth anyway right so my main concern will be that you can tell what it is supposed to be. I am kind of excited though-i got a Wilton’s Cake Decorating Course 1 booklet and the frosting tips i need for his cake. Maybe i will enjoy this and decorate more cakes.

i have been doing some knitting as well but not that much. i have a little friend i am knitting Little Man for Easter, another friend i was knitting for myself (all parts are done but need to be seamed, stuffed and assembled) and Juliet hasnt been touched. The repeats just seem to drag on and instead on trying to do a repeat a night and finishing the thing i am avoiding it completely cause that’s how things get done right? Hopefully something will be done soon!! This is supposed to be a crafty blog after all.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


3 thoughts on “Weekend of Haircuts

  1. You look great! I’ve been also thinking about layering my hair, that’s one of the options for the Spring cleaning! ^^
    Good luck with Little Man’s birthday cake, I’m sure it will be yummy and very dinosaur-y! *^v^*
    BTW, I send you some goodies but forgot to include the card… It’s for you sewing passion and something to revive your friendship bracelets interest! =^v^=

  2. Great haircuts!

    When is little man’s b-day?? He must be an April baby??

    Gurl I am having trouble with the stitch count on my Juilet with the set up row! :o(

    Glad you had a great weekend!! (well it sounds like it! Haha)

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