“I like our Snowman”

“I like our Snowman”, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

i think i can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Whew!!! i am almost there-after my last post i thought i was getting better but boy was i ever wrong-It had one more big punch for me that lasted from Thursday to Saturday. Saturday i did get up to do a couple things but there were big breaks in between each thing so still a lot of time in bed. On Sunday i actually did some KNITTING-it was nice to pick up the needles again. Today i even got dressed and went grocery shopping.
BUT there is a downside to all this Little Man is very sick now 😦 and i passed it on to hubby as well but he is already on the mend.

So when did we have time to make a snowman? Last Wednesday we did when i wrongly thought i was on the mend and Little Man was still healthy and full of energy. He ran around shoveling and playing in the snow. Got me with a snowball a few times 🙂 made the snowman’s head-i did the rest and he was kind enough to remind me that he needed eyes and arms and a nose. The he disappeared to the backyard for some shoveling but when it was all done he came over and said “I like our Snowman, Mommy” I like it too-it was a fun time and i enjoyed watching him play in the sun and snow.
I’m taking things slow and have some catching up to do but i hope to have some thing to show off soon.


3 thoughts on ““I like our Snowman”

  1. You poor creature!… I’m sending my warmest thoughts and hugs to all of you! *^v^*
    I don’t remember when was the last time I made a snowman. Well, I don’t remember having the proper snow for a snowman for a long time, Winters are getting warmer and warmer in Poland. But I have a funny snowman story, you can share it with your son – I watched a Korean movie and there was a small girl who made a snowman with her parents. In Poland we always used charcoals or round rocks for the eyes but the Korean girl placed two pieces of a twig horizontally. And then it occurred to me that it’s obvious – we perceive our eyes as round, the Asians perceive their eyes as slanting, so she used the right shape for the snowman’s eyes! =^v^=
    Get well soon!

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