Ho Hum

I am still here…just…quiet.  I am stuck i feel like i have things i could write about but then i think its stupid or not worth writing about.  or i just can’t think of a good way to write it.  There are so many blogs i read and their words just seem to flow out and sound so natural, mine sound forced and over-thought to me.  Maybe i am just crazy.

i have no pictures-everything i have been working on has been in a state of hibernation or just hasn’t moved much in progress so it’s not worth taking a photo of.

My trip to Indiana to see my best bud that moved this past summer was fun.  It was so nice seeing her again. It had been so long, and her little guy has gotten so big since i saw him.  Little Man had fun playing with him.  They have a nice house with some land.  My friends husband took Little Man for a ride on his tractor, i am pretty sure he really liked it but sometimes its hard to tell because he gets so serious and focused. He tells you he had fun but he isnt really one of those kids that is like Woah-Weee and gets all grinny-sometimes he does but mostly no.  A lot like his father.

I was kinda lame after we got back.  i took a few days to finally clean up and put everything away.  My dishes were backed up because i left a pile of them before we left-will never do that again. I just couldn’t get motivated. I helped my mom work on painting her iving room-well mainly i entertained her while she painted.  This weekend was spent in bed sick again and now it’s March. Time has just flown by superfast.  i need to start getting ready for Easter, planning stuff for Little Man’s birthday party since we are doing it the weekend before his birthday-we usually do it the weekend after.  I want Spring to be here, i am tired of being sick, tired of the snow we keep getting(we are getting more tonight), tired of the cold, tired of being sick-yes i am saying that again-this has been my worst winter ever in my life-i used to get 2 colds a winter-this year i have truly made up for whatever i may have missed in the past.  

Found out today they is a small chance my city may not have 4 year old preschool next fall if they don’t get their state funding-which means we would have to pay for him to go. We are paying for his 3 year old preschool right now but it is still manageable.  I think that is so sad.  Little Man loves going to school. School is so important especially since he gets to be around other kids-we dont have any that he plays with around our house or play dates or anything likes that.  But i am hoping for the best-Hoping my state will say Yes! Preschoolers deserve their school.

 My missing package items-UGH what a constant phone chase with no progress-nobody knows anything or how do do anything.  and the last number they gave me just Rings and RIngs and Rings-its probably the number they give to Pests like me and it really gets you no where but will keep be bust a couple days until i get pissed and call somewhere else and complain that they gave me a number that connected me with NO-ONE.

 I have the blahs.

Happier Post and hopefully a picture of some sort of progress on something next time 🙂


3 thoughts on “Ho Hum

  1. You can’t find a good way to write a post? Think about me – a non native speaker of English, and you will feel better at once! *^v^*
    As for the dishes – I read in some book once that a grandmother said to her granddaughter once: “Never leave dirty dishes in the evening because the house could be on fire during the night and what would people say (the ones who came to the rescue) if they saw a sink full of dirty dishes!…” I found it very amusing, I don’t think anyone would care about some dirty plates in such situation, but grandmother was an old school. *^v^*
    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the preschool in your city and your lost package!

  2. You seem to have a February hangover. It’s when all that is bad about February hangs over into March.
    I haven’t felt like posting to my blog either. I blame the weather and everything being gray. And all the snow. We need spring and sun and warmth.
    I have my fingers crossed for the preschool thing. The budget in our town is horrid and they are always cutting things and then adding them back. Now they are talking about closing the public library. It is insane.
    I almost always have a sink full of dirty dishes. We don’t have a dishwasher (Is it sad that having a dishwasher has become a fantasy of mine??) and even when I do get them all washed within minutes there are more in the sink. Some days I think the dishes jump out of the cabinet into the sink when I leave the kitchen.

  3. Ooh honey you are not crazy!

    And we all get into funks! Just try not to dwell there.

    Glad your trip to Indiana went well!

    And all will work out with the pre-school situation.

    Take your break and we will be right here!
    Happy to read whatever you write!! (yes you are crazy!!!!)


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