Sewing pt. 2

Sorry about the delay but i am still coughing like crazy and i just felt like curling up in bed last night.

Happy Wallet, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

My last sewing projct to show off until i can take pictures of the others (they are at my mom’s house-it could be awhile lol) is the No Cash Wallet also in the Bend the Rules Sewing book.

I love this little thing. The fabric is so happy and bright and it just make me smile.
This is a quick sew and so far my favorite. i had no problems with this one-YAY!! The only thing that is not like the pattern is that i did not sew around the wallet after i had turned it right side out like you are supposed to, if i had my cars would not have fit-this way they are perfect and if i may say so-my wallet does not even need the seam all the way around 🙂 i am not being ocky-just very happy it worked out so well. So what happened? Well even though i always check eratta for knitting books it totally slipped my mind to do that as well for this book. So of course there was a mistake in the pattern that i did not know about-it really needs to be a about a half inch wider around.
Will be making more of these!!
There has been no knitting since i have been sick-and i still just don’t feel like doing any–i have blahs.
But on a bright note-i got some mail yesterday!!!


What a beautiful letter-Than you so much Joanna-you will get a response soon.
We are going on a little road trip this weekend-so Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


3 thoughts on “Sewing pt. 2

  1. Super cute wallet!! I still like the size of it!

    Tee hee @ only check knitting erratas
    Yep I wouldn’t even thought to check for other crafts too!

    Hope you have a great trip and we get to hear all about it! :o)

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