Sewing Pt. 1

Whew! I am feeling so much better!!! This was a bad one. I spent most of this morning catching up on everything that didn’t get done while i was sick-dishes, laundry folding, picking up the basement after hubby has been hangin out down there. Little Man was wonderful while i was sick-he cleaned up all his toys after he was done playing with them and also he had lots of TV time-we will be making up for that this week-almost none will be watched.
So a couple posts ago i vented about my horrible sewing machine that was making me really start to dislike machine sewing. This was the project that did my machine in.


Little Man’s Doorway Puppet Theater from Amy Karol’s book Bend the Rules Sewing.
Little Man gets a kick out of it just hanging in his doorway because it’s like a window and when i walk by i stick my head in and say Hello. He has also used it as a theater with the dragons i knitted up for him but he prefers to watch others (me) do the puppeteering.
I got all the fabric at my local Joann Fabric store and that’s my favorite part. Little Man really likes dinosaurs so i was really excited when i found something with dinos on it. In the baby section where i almost never looked, then i found some striped fabric that had all the exact colors of the dinosaur fabric-the orange was easy to find :). And it only took me 45 mins to find. Origianally the fabric i had picked out had stars and was more red, white and blue themed but that really doesn’t match with Little Man’s room.
Overall the project is very easy and like it says in her book there is A LOT of straight sewing-that’s all you do and it can be kind of a pain sewing the smaller pieces to the huge backdrop (striped fabric). On the back she has you sew some twill tape on to later run wooden dowels through and that was my biggest pain-the twill kept shifting and moving. I did manage to get a dowel in the twill under the “window” where it really needed one-you can see in the picture how its sagging forward, i obviously didnt have dowels yet when i took the pic 🙂 But no dowel on top-my sewing was too crazy and got too narrow to get the 1/2 inch dowel through. I am still deciding whether i will get a smaller dowel to run through the top. I also made the pouch that goes with it and that was super easy to make-but instead of using a button and trying to make a button hole i chose to use snap buttons. The theater fits in it with a little bit of room to spare.
I love how it turned out and Little Man seems to enjoy it as well!

My grandma sent me package and i got it today but-it got damaged and they repackaged it in a new box…but with only 2 of the 8 things that she actually sent me-so i am going to try and file a missing items report and see if maybe i can track any of it and get it back. I know that the chances are slim but i am willing to try anyway-you never know, Right? 🙂

Tomorrow-a small sewing project and a peek at what hubby is getting for his birthday on Thursday from me and Little Man 🙂 Have a great night and if it’s super cold by you as well Stay Warm!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Sewing Pt. 1

  1. Your puppet theater is great! I’ve been thinking about the paper one for the last couple of weeks but I really don’t have any child to make it for… Maybe I should just go for it and make one, and then we’ll see about the repertoire and the audience! *^v^*
    Sorry to hear about your package, I hope it will end well.

  2. What fun!!! You always make great things to brighten up Little Man’s life…not all mommys do that and so doesn’t know how lucky he is for having a great crafty mama!!!

    That really sucks about your package!! UGH!

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