Thirsty Kitty

Ugh-have been sick all weekend and today i am still in bed but i took this on Saturday and i had to share it with you guys.

Thirsty Kitty, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

My kitty Max is so against drinking out of his water bowl. He wants fresh water from the sink, the tub and more recently i caught him drinking water out of the toilet when Little Man had left his seat on, good thing little man flushes. I shooed him away and made a point to keep up with taking off the potty seat. On Saturday Little Man was in the tub and he yelled “Mommy, Max is in the potty” hahaha So i decided to catch it on camera. So here you go-that’s what i have for you tonight.
Tomorrow i should be well enough to post about the first of a couple sewing projects i finished last week. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thirsty Kitty

  1. Cats are weird sometimes… Well, in fact all the time! *^v^*
    I’m back and I’m looking forward to your sewing projects! I’m blog-hungry, I’ve been Webless for 5 days and I’m trying to catch up! ^^
    I hope you feel better now!

  2. ROTFL!!!! Can’t wait to see your continued diary of the toliet drinking cat!!
    I heard the is a reason why pets do that, but I can’t remember now!

    Eeeeeew! Thank goodness Little Man DOES flush! HAHA!!

    I take it you are feeling better now that this post is super old and I see you sewing cute darling things! ;o)

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