I love knitting…

And right now i am totally hating my sewing machines, yes that’sright-plural-both my machines are acting up. One is cheap and the other one is ancient. My ancient one was doing doing great-we were a team-nobody could stop us-until today. Today it decided it didnt want to anymore-i had to pull my cheap also messed up machine fromt he basement. UGH!!! After messing around for about 15 mins i got it to sew ok. so why do i love knitting;
1-i can sit back and relax and just knit away in total comfort-not hunched over some stupid machine
2-mistakes are easy to fix-unlike stupid sewing machines that just give up sewing correctly for no reason

There are more reasons but i think you get my point-I am mad at my sewing machines.

Big Footed Bunny, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

So we have a new friend in the family-Lily the bunny-she is a pattern from Wee Wonderfuls. I got her pattern booklet before easter last year. Cut out all her parts and then they lay and lay and lay and lay and lay there until ths week. Poor thing. I will have you know she was hand-sewn-so machine anger is associated with her. I love how she turned out. Way cuter than i thought she would. i wasn’t worried because of the pattern but because my sewing isn’t all that great.

Next Up Joanna asked to see a shot of Juliet.


I am not sure how i feel about it-which kinda bums me out becuase i really want this to look good. I had everything planned out for it and high hopes-perhaps too high. But i will still keep knitting on it-maybe the look wll improve when its all done and has buttons.
Joanna-I did look at Joy and it looks like a great pattern-i especially like the collar on it. I think between the two that Joy would be more your style.

Well i am off to make a small dinner-we had a late & big lunch today.
Maybe after i have calmed down i wll look at my sewing machines again-i am making something for Little Man and i really want to get it done. Tonight Juliet will be getting most of the attention though.
Hope you all are having a good weekend.


One thought on “I love knitting…

  1. I have the same feelings about my sewing machine – when something goes wrong, I hate un-doing the stitches or fighting with the thread getting looped up, or anything else that’s wrong and I don’t know what it is… Sewing by hand is so much better as far as control over the stitches, but it takes way much more time. Your bunny has a sense of style, I love the fabric of the dress! =^v^=
    As for your Juliet – I noticed that my projects often feel weird till the last moment while they are still on the needles, but they take shape and style when they are bound off, so don’t get discouraged at this stage! *^v^*

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