Presenting: Super Rhino

Super Rhino, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Slow Going over here…
A Cape-that’s all i have for you LOL.
My little guy is big on superheros, few boys aren’t. So i decided to surprise him with a cape for his favorite friend. So a little snip here and some sewing there and about 5 mins later we had a cape. The clean up to get to my machine and make room on my work table took longer than the cape. But the joy that it brings to Little Man and Rhino-sorry Super Rhino are totally worth it. And i have more sewing planned.
I spent yesterday and today working on Valentines. i signed up for a valentines exchange on Ravelry and they have to be sent out tomorrow-i got them out today-yay i am usually so last minute.
Juliet is also coming along. I am done with the garter stitch and ready to start the lace. I started the set up row and some how ended up with 30 sts less then i needed-WOAH so tinked back the row and will have to try again but at least i caught it it right away. Now i just have to figure out what in the world i did wrong.
Next time-a bunny šŸ™‚


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