I have so much respect for you fair isle knitters-It’s a bit tricky. You have to do weird things with your hands-haha But i am really happy with my first project. I decided to work with some worsted weight yarn first and work my way down.

First Fair Isle, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Pattern-it’s just the basic hat that Elizabeth Zimmermann has you make in Knitting Workshop-starting in the first chapter and continuing on as you learn a new technique in each of the following chapters. The alternating sigle stichs she did have in the book but i graphed the moon shape on my own.
For-Practice-i will probably donate it because it is way to small to fit me, i have a big head 🙂
Yarn-i used leftover Lamb’s Pride wool.
Needles-Size 8-circ and Dp’s
Dates-2 days jan 27-28, 2008
Notes- I tried several ways to hold my yarn. Both in the left hand- Super tricky and then one color in each hand-While it still takes some manuvering and getting used to this worked the best for me-Which is kind of funny because when i first learned knitting i tried learning with the yarn on the right hand and i could not get it AT ALL-it just didn’t click-but it has for “fair isle”ing 🙂 I still need a lot of practice.
Next i want to try some wrist warmers with thinner yarn and then after that some mittens. Just easing my way in 🙂
Overall happy with the result-the only thing i didnt like was the obvious jog from working in the round-maybe it was the patterning i chose but it was very noticable that the rows aren’t meeting up.

In between all this trickier knitting i decided i need something easy to keep me feeling good about myself-so i cast on for Juliet.


It’s a dark purple but no matter what i do it photographs more blue, so you have to take my word for it. I got the yarn while i was in G.ermany and i knew i wanted to use it for this pattern. I love the yarn. it’s so soft and squishy. oh and it’s Lana Grossa Due.
So far so good and Easy 🙂

Little Man decided last week that he doesn’t need a nap anymore-and he is almost 4 so it’s not a surprise but it was so sudden that i haven’t adapted to it yet and i have lost a bit of extra time in my day-but today we tried using what used to be nap time as a time where he plays on his own and i do something for half an hour and that worked really well and it gave me just some time to sit and not do toddler stuff. So i think we will do that again tomorrow.

Oh no!-a dragon has come come into my room 🙂 -gotta go

3 thoughts on “Respect

  1. OOh yes Fair Isle! I so plan to do that this year. I said I would get that EZ DVD…is it the same as the book.
    Some tell me that since I knit continential it should be easier to pick up Fair Isle with the whole left hand thing.

    I will be joining you soon on Juliet!! :oD

    Now that was very smart of you @ own play time!!

    Have a great nap-free week!! (sounds like you will need one before it is all said and done) Haha!

  2. The moon pattern is cute! Congratulations on your first Fair Isle pattern! *^v^* It is a bit tricky and I’m still learning it after several mittens, but it’s totally worth the effort.
    Juliet is also on my to-knit list, it’s a beautiful design and Spring is coming! *^v^*

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