Hey Baby!!

MY NEKKID MAN, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

He’s Here!!
I am super happy with how he turned out. This was a really fun project and it really doesn’t take that long-i finished each step in an evening and spent some evenings in between on the computer lol 🙂 For now he is done-i do want to make him a shirt or a cardigan but right now i just want to take a break from the little knitting. I was actually thinking about knitting and A-shirt (scroll down a tad) and a cardigan to go over that.

Pattern: Little Nekkid Man by Eatenbyweasels– I tried to find a link to the pattern but i had no luck. From what i can gather she had some trouble in the past with a bad commenter and had to close down the blog that had the patterns on it. So sad that i came down to that. Hubby always teases me that i print patterns i find online right away-even if i won’t make it for a long time-he thinks i should just bookmark it but you can bet i am glad that i printed this one out.

For: FUN-this was a lot of fun and doing all the Details 😉 just added to it.

Yarn: Body-Lion Brand Baby Soft in Cream, Hair was leftover yarn from hubby’s socks from Louet Gems in Sandalwood and his jeans are Schachenmayr nomotta Catania (from Joanna!!)

Needles: Remember those Knit Picks circular needles i got in my “Learn to Knit on 2 circ. needles” kit. the cursed 3.00 mm that were too big. They were just the size i needed to work on my man. So i used one of those-which was a plus since i thought i would never use them again.

Dates: Jan 18-25, 2008

Notes: I made no mods. The pattern was very well written and easy to follow. Next time i might try to do mattress stitch to seam him up instead of seaming him when he is inside out-just for a neater overall look. Jeans were easy as well-but i didnt add the extra details there, she had a button and loops closure-i just seamed it shut. I did thread some invisible elastic around the waistband because mine was a little loose. i wrestled with his mouth almost all day yesterday-i wasn’t happy with any of them-but this one grew on me and now i am really happy with it. I have one little spot on the back of his head that for some reason didnt get covered that good when i was weaving his hair but not a big deal and i can move the other hair around to cover it up.

Overall: YAY!!! I love him!!!!

I also said that i worked on a quickie project-More OWLS


I found this fleece at my local Joann Fabrics store and it was half off!! Can’t beat that-i had to get. So i figured i would make on of those No Sew fleece blankets (again scroll down a little-i didnt make my knots like this but as nice as it looks i will have to remember that for next time-hers looks so perfect!!!!). It was really easy but i can tell you that my strips i cut for knotting are no where close to the same size. i tried really hard at first but then i just quit and cut as close to neat as i could-i mean really once they are tied up you can’t tell anyway.

Next up after this-Some Fair Isle. I have seen so many great mittens and wristwarmers (JOANNA) this year that i just can’t resist anymore. I must conquer my fear of Fair Isle. I just don’t know what project to do first to ease myself into it before i do something more complex. I am a very tight knitter so i know that will be my biggest problem. Any tips or ideas?

Well i have to go play Planet Heros. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend-Ours will be snowy-It’s be coming down since i woke up. Maybe we will go out and play in it 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hey Baby!!

  1. Nekkid man looks great! I laugh every time I see him. He’s a real mood lifter.
    Fair Isle suggestions: Loose Loose and Looser still. Check and see if your library (or maybe they can get it for you) has any Elizabeth Zimmermann videos (or DVDS). I was able to get them from the library and there is so much info there. She has you start colorwork right after you learn to knit in the round. She also has the best tips for keeping it loose. I can’t wait to see what you knit.

  2. Stylish man in a pair of jeans! And his face is a bit flirty! *^v^* Maybe you could sew him a nice cotton shirt? I would fell tempted to prepare a whole wardrobe of things for him. ^^
    For a first Fair Isle project I’d recommend some wristwarmers (quick project, no fuss about where to start the thumb or the rest of the fingers and how to keep track of the pattern on fingers so it would match) like these ones: http://www.magknits.com/Apr06/patterns/zombie.htm
    I’ll let you know if i find any more patterns!

  3. the naked man is hot. will he marry me?

    i love your blanket! that is one crafty thing i’ve been wanting to try, making no sew fleece blanets. joann’s has such cute fabric!

  4. You are killin’ me with the navel hair and nipples! LOL Yes! I would love to see him with his shrirt & cardi ;op
    I am sure little man loves him!

    Isn’t it fun just to have fun with knitting! :oD

    Ooh can’t wait to see some fair isle mitts come off your needles!

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