Nekkid Man has some hair

Nekkid Man has some hair, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Sorry crappy shot, my camera wasn’t working with me today-i haven’t made much progress over the past 2 days-i did all the hair last night. It takes a long time-well to me it took a long time.
he had some chest hair but it looked funny-so after i give him his nipples i think i may put some back on around them-not sure yet though. Today my goal is Nipples, Belly Button, Eyes, Mouth, nose, Eyebrows and if i am lucky i may even be able so start his pants. But we will see. i also have another quick project i want to work on today, it’s not knitting and i need a big work surface so i have to wait for hubby to wake up. I need the King-size bed-best work surface in the house lol.
So more nekkid man progress to follow and my quickie project.

And Something special today-my mom’s birthday.


4 thoughts on “Nekkid Man has some hair

  1. Thank you all for the birthday wishes 🙂
    The sheepies are adorable:):):) time to start a family!
    sexy woolly guy. I couldn’t quite see the important details …;)

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