Not so Alien anymore

Sewn up Nekkid Man, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Here he is all seamed up-the seaming wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be but i think if i made this nekkid man again i would do mattress stitch seaming instead of seaming him insideout so he would have a cleaner look . I will tell you His Goods were a pain in my butt to do, mainly picking up th stitches but in the end it looks really good and he should be very happy with what i have given him 🙂
Not sure if i will get to his body and head hair tonight i am kinda tired after my day at the mall.
My makeover was really nice. I got it all cleaned and moisterized and then makeup. Here’s a pic-i know you really don’t have much to base it on but just picture the same face with no makeup because that’s how i am about 99% percent of the time.


i got something i really wanted as well-At Anthropologie last year they had this super cute tea set and it was supposed to be a special item only for Christmas. Well i walked into the store today and almost shrieked out loud!! THEY HAD IT-It’s this set. (sorry it’s a Sake set, lol) Isn’t it adorable? I love owls-they are beautiful creatures and so wise in the eyes!
Well I’m off-hopefully a hairy man next time teehee 🙂


5 thoughts on “Not so Alien anymore

  1. The owls are cute! Who cares if it’s for tea or sake – if you have it in your house, you can use it for whatever you want! *^v^*
    I always wished I knew how to make a proper make-up, matching the right colours of eyeshadows and lipstick, etc. You look great and happy!

  2. Holy crap you look hot! I’m thinking of leaving the naked man for youuuuu. What mall did you go to? I meant to leave you a comment yesterday but didn’t have a chance. I’m so glad you got some quality mommy time though!

    I just have one complaint. When I said I wanted to see the naked man, I meant I wanted to see the NAKED man. Remove heart please.

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