Update, for real this time

The last update was weak! I had gotten a complaint from my friend that she had “seen my recipe box 10 times already!” And we had been talking(naughtily) about my nekkid man on Instant Messanger last night so i threw up the deflated looking man for a quick post.
I have been knitting-See:

Dream Swatch, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

It’s a Dream Swatch.
Dates:Jan 13-17, 2008-yeah i know there are people that have finished this in an evening-What can i say? I’m slow and i have been dragging a little. But it is a quick knit if you can stay focused.
Yarn: One skein of Lana Grossa Binario Print-i think this was part of my problem-this is a great yarn i used it to make a shirt a couple years ago but i found it to be a bit stiff for this project. I used it becuase it is quite stretchy and for a head wrap i thought stretchy would be good.
Needles: Just some short straight size 5 needles-no clue what brand they were given to me when someone cleaned out there stash. We all like free knit goodness 🙂
Pattern: Dream Swatch from Wendy Bernard at Knit & Tonic
Overall: i do like it, i wish i had made it longer and i still could because i do have another skein of this yarn but I have moved on and really don’t want to work on it anymore. it looks cute. i will make this again but i think i would only cast on 18 sts and maybe a super soft merino yarn, or cast on the same sts as in pattern but use a sock yarn. And make it longer 🙂

So you all already know my next project is the Little Nekkid Man by eatenbyweasels. i would link to it if i could but it’s in Live Journal and you need to have an acct. to see the blog ( i got it before they made those changes) and sadly i think she has deleted the pattern becuase when i used my friends username and password to log on-i found the blog but no pattern. I am attempting to contact her though-she has another cute pattern and i want it!! lol
Everyone, besides my mom, has asked me why i am knitting a n.aked m.an and my answer really is-Why not? He is super cute and i guess i just want to say hey i knit a n.aked m.an. The pattern also includes directions for jeans and a cardigan so his goods won’t just be hanging out-I was even thinking about making him some briefs or boxers. I think he will be lots of fun! Today i am going to be seaming him up!! Hope he turns out okay-seaming always ruins me-but i am going to take it really slow and concentrate.
Thanx for being patient(not ANDREA lol ) with me during my unplanned blog absence.
Tomorrow i am getting a makeover 🙂 Every year for my mom’s birthday we go to a super fancy mall about 35 mins away and this year she got a coupon from Origins for free makeover and goodie bag for her and a friend and she asked if i was interested-Did she really think i would say no??? Little Man was going but hubby has the day off for MLK day so YAY!!! mommy has free time! Very exciting.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

3 thoughts on “Update, for real this time

  1. LOL @ sucky WIP update…okay! Well I like your F.O. update!

    OOh have a fun “grown woman” day tomorrow!

    Happy MLK Day too!

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