The End of Your Curiousity

Well, here it is what you all have been waiting for-MY RECIPE BOX!




It’s not my favorite project of all-but it was something different and i learned some things.  I am happy with the way it turned out.  You are all probably wondering why a recipe box? Well if any on you read Mason-Dixon Knitting, you may have read that Kay started a little contest where you show off your recipe boxes.  There have been so many in blog world and such wonderful recipes that have been passed down.  I especially love the handwritten card that have faded and turned brown with age. I wish i had some like that.  So i looked into getting one on Ebay and  at the time nothing appealed to me (though there are a couple i like now) and so i decided to make one myself.  Hopefully my son will be interested in the recipes i collect-the box maybe not so much 🙂

 Any ideas for my next project?


3 thoughts on “The End of Your Curiousity

  1. Oh, it’s beautiful! I love green and violet together and the difference in textures, great job!
    Next project? Maybe some nice cross-stitch picture for Little Man’s room? (cross-stitch was my first craft love! *^v^*)

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