Some Sock & Pretzels

You guys are really starting to get curious about what i am making Haha-well all my sides are stitched up so now all that’s left is putting them together-Just a little bit more of a wait.
i figured since you guys have just bee getting clues for soemthing you have no clue about i will show you my Sock in progress-no guess work there 🙂 pattern from here

Zigzagy in progress, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

I updated my stash on Ravelry today-OH BOY i have way to much-when you have it all squished into totes hiding under the bed it does’t phase you but when you see actual numbers-its a bit freaky lol-i need to do some serious knitting from the stash!

Today we played A LOT of Candyland and Go Fish but after nap time we made PRETZELS, from this recipe. They turned out good and were really easy to make. They are kinda doughy/soft and i only mention that because i am used to hard and crusty pretzels. But they are still really good and easier for Little Man to eat. i think since they are soft they would make a good sweet pretzel-i just did the salt version.

No big plans for the weekend but by sunday i am hoping for a Reveal-that means i better get back to my assembling.
Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Some Sock & Pretzels

  1. I’ve seen your stash on Ravelry – impressive! Lots of beautiful things to knit! *^v^*
    I like your sock colour, I’m still not in a sock knitting mojo but I like to see nice patterns, maybe it will come back to me one day! *^v^*

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