Hat and a Peek

Hubby’s Hat, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

My first Finished Knit of 2008 is here!!

Hubby’s Earflap Hat
Pattern: Ended up being a collaboration of mine and hubby’s. He decided what kind of stripes he wanted and how he wanted them. He picked how he wanted his flaps to be and the length of the ties-i did all th other math, measuring and knit the hat. UGh this was easy but at the same time drove me nuts. We originally has some yarn picked out from Germany but it was too thin. So we went to our LYS and got some different yarn. Originally i was going to use the Swell pattern from Knitty but i could not get guage no matter what i did on that pattern or any other pattern for earflap hats. So i finally decided it’s just a hat i can do this myself. I should have done that right from the beginning. There was quite a bit of ripping because i wasn’t happy with the look of the earflaps, but i finally got it. The hat part itself went fine until i was finished. The i realized it was way to tall. So RIIIIPPPP of more than half the hat. i had started decreasing to late in the hat but after i went back and re did everything it turned out perfectly! he did wear it over the weekend but naturally as is whenever you finish a Winter knit-It warms up. It feels like Spring outside today.
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: Size 8 Circular and Double-Pointed needles
Time: It took me about a week since i had to make so many adjustments. But i am happy that i took the time to work out the problems and fix the mistakes cause it looks really good.

Next up-i still have some socks on the needles-they weren’t touched during the hat knitting time AND this weekend i have been working on a secret experiment/project but i still have a lot to do-you would think ithis needlepoint stuff would go quickly but i am new at it and it sure drags on. I hope what i am visualizing works out the way i am seeing it in my mind. Either way it’s something new and fun. Here’s a little peek-



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