It is the Sweet, Simple things of life which are the Real Ones after all.

                                                                   –Laura Ingalls Wilder

That’s what i want for this year-to enjoy the sweet and simple things in life.  I am always worrying, obsessing, taking things to seriously and putting things before my son that really can wait.

I have read some great resolutions on the blogs (check out Joanna’s and Futuregirl’s) i am horrible keeping them and usually don’t even bother making them. I just cheer everyone else on. My statement above will be more of a guideline than a resolution.  Good Luck to all that have any resolutions.

I do hope to do more sewing, improve on it and finally start embroidery this year. I wanted to do it so many times last year and i never got to it. Here’s hoping i get to it this year-i mean i have 12 monthes-i should- right!!

I have a couple projects on the needles that i started for the New Year. Socks and a hat for hubby.  I acutally had the hat done but we had size issues so i had to RIIPP back almost half the hat. Lucky for hubby hats are a quick and easy project. Some pictures hopefully tomorrow if i get the right size tonight.

enjoy your day!


3 thoughts on “Guidelines

  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you because I know how it is to make resolutions and then abandon the ideas half way through… That’s why I chose some simple universal resolutions for this year, just as yours is – you cannot fail at that! *^v^*

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